Dosage required for L carnitine liquid?

There have been much studies on the perfect dosage of l carnitine liquid. As per the results of these discussions, it has been seen that the l carnitine liquid is to be consumed with some carbohydrates that are acting fast in nature. For example, dextrose or another example can be maltodextrin.

L Carnitine liquid, consumed before or after workout?
Well, the time of taking l carnitine liquid before or after the workout doesn’t really matter. It can be one of the factor, but not a major factor in the determination of the amount of l carnitine liquid. It I advised that one should take some quantity of l carnitine liquid daily continuously for some weeks and then he should monitor the results. For a daily usage, a 2.4g in quantity for l carnitine liquid should be taken daily.
Various precautions consuming l carnitine liquid:
One should note that if he or she is consuming l carnitine liquid daily, he should take it with meal that was high quantity of carbohydrates and protein. This will reap off the maximum advantage and benefits of l carnitine liquid.
Are there natural sources of l carnitine?
If you are looking for some natural sources of l carnitine or something natural that can replace l carnitine liquid, then you should work on the consumption of the products that are extracted from the Animals like meat, it can be white or red meat. Other nature sources of l carnitine liquid are milk and fish.
At last, it is important to laid down stress on the fact that although l carnitine liquid is known to improve your workout ability by 11% but still one must also have a look on its side effects too before taking any dosage of l carnitine liquid.
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