Getting the appropriate kind of Height

We all are humans first. A lot of our opinions differentiate us on many levels but something that works perfectly fine with all us is that law of attraction works on all humans. We study in early years of our life that we should not judge a book by its cover but we never accept the fact that the cover tells us about the book that is inside. The same concept works for humans. We can never get attracted to someone’s thought or personalities the first the time we see them. The only thing that we can notice in the first appearance is their good looks and charm. A very important thing that shapes our personality is the kind of height that we have.

Even if you study the books that have been written about leadership in business schools, the most esteemed authors have written that a good height adds on to the personality. Which makes is really important that we either we should have some amazing genes running in our family DNA or natural wonders help us grow taller than our genes have allowed us. The best age at which the person should be thinking about his or her height is the adolescent age. At that age we are not really in all our senses to think about our height, so it is the responsibility of the parents to take care of our nutrition and physical activities. Natural wonders don’t happen overnight;natural wonders are made to happen by the constant hardwork that has been put in everyday beyond the point of determination and sacrifice.
There are also some tricks that can make you look taller such as getting a lean physique and tucking your shirt in when you are wearing formal attire at an occasion.