How ecigs can help the non-smoker from being a passive smoker

How many times have you felt the inconvenience when the person sitting behind you in a restaurant have thrown a wave of smoke while smoking cigarette? For most of the people this is a common incident. It is not enough that you yourself are not a smoker. The smoke of cigarette from another smoker can cause equal damage to you. The only option in this situation is if the smoker uses smokeless cigarette.

Cigarette and that too smokeless is quite an amazing idea. It is hard to belief but technology has made it possible. It is difficult for a person to leave the addiction of smoking but it is not impossible anymore to stop releasing smoke of cigarette in the air. The electronic cigarette has made it possible.

While smoking the traditional cigarette smoke is generated from the burning of tobacco and the paper which is holding the tobacco. When one is smoking ecigs the situation is completely different. Here the question of smoke does not arise as there is nothing to burn. The whole mechanism is different here.

In the electronic cigarette the tobacco is available in the liquid form. And instead of fire a battery is there to charge up the liquid tobacco. When the smoker would like to take a puff he just has to switch on the battery. It will generate the heat which in turn is going to heat up the tobacco mixed liquid. The liquid will be vaporized and the vapor will enter in the mouth of the smoker through the mouth case.

In this way electronic cigarette will help the non-smoker from being affected by smoke emitted by other smokers. The smoker does not need to carry on a guilty face to the society because of his smoking habit. What is essential is to know where to buy e cigarettes and enter in the world of smoking san of smoke. click here to get more information vape.