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You only get one chance to make a good first impression and your logo is the first thing people notice about your company and it is the image that your potential customers will use to recognize your business. At First Republic Marketing, we have a team of talented graphics designers who experts in creating fresh and attractive logos for small businesses.

The First Republic Logo Design Process

1. We will have an open conversation with you about your color, text and font preferences for your company’s logo. We will also ask you to show us some logos that you like and some that you don’t like so that we can understand your aesthetic inclinations.


2. Within 3 days, we will provide you with an initial draft of your new logo.


3. After spending some time examining the logo, we will ask for your honest feedback including what elements of the design you love and what elements of the design you could live without.


4. We will take your notes from the first logo design and provide you with an edited version within 2 business days.


5. We will gain meet with you to discuss the aspects of the new design that you like and the elements that you would like altered.


6. We will produce a final version of your new business logo within 2 business days.


7. Once you approve the final version, we will provide you with copies of your logo in several formats that can be used for websites, business cards, signs banners and more.

Our Skills

Every logo project that work on goes through a thorough creative process that is designed to result in the absolute best logo you can imagine.


Contact First Republic Marketing today and have your new logo on your sign next week!

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