Nootropics – Great New Genre of Brainpower Drugs

Intellect is not always an inherited trait or what you have since your birth. Some people consider intellect as God gifted trait. Anyway, no one would ever like to be devoid of this trait. This is something which is related to your brainpower, especially cognitive ability which can be improved through your diet, exercise, solving puzzles, and more ways. Students and researchers are more curious to improve their cognitive abilities for better performance. The supplementation is one of the suggested ways to improve your cognitive ability. Nootropics are highly popular genre of drugs or supplements for those who want to enhance their cognitive ability and to improve their focus and concentration. the doctors closet has more for you to know about nootropics.

Real nootropics
The very purpose of nootropics in not fulfilled unless the drug you use is nootropic in real terms and to understand real nootropics, you have to understand the criteria fixed by Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea who coined this term for brain boosting chemicals. According to Dr. Giurgea, the nootropic is one that
 improves memory as well as ability to learn;
 facilitates the function of the brain under messy conditions like hypoxia and shock;
 Shields the brain from chemical as well as physical assaults;
 enhances the effectiveness of neuronal control mechanisms of firing in cortical regions of human brain; and
 which is non-toxic or with no or least side effects.
Why nootropics are recommended
The doctors closet has ample positive information about nootropics on the website, but otherwise its efficiency is unchallenged in improving cognitive abilities, if criteria of Dr. Giurgea are fulfilled. Some nootropic drugs have mild side-effects such as headache. The results of scientific studies have also evidenced nootropics to be without potential side-effects which doesn’t create controversy over its safety issue and harmful effect on the human body. Thus, nootropics is a great class of brainpower drugs.