Pockit is a prepaid MasterCard which has many unique features. It is a prepaid MasterCard used by the UK residents. Pockit can be used by the people who are aged 18 or above. It is suitable for teenagers to use. It is a user-friendly card with an excellent support and customer care system. Some of the main features of this card are stated further. It provides you the 10% cashback on every purchase from the card.

It helps in money saving since it provides the cash back to the user. Most of the cards used by the user have to be regularly used, if not so the user has to give the penalty for it. But in case of Pockit, the user does not have to give the penalty which is a great feature provided to us. It is always free for the user to spend their money from Pockit. The user can deposit their money online by debit card and in fact, a user can cancel their card at free of cost. This card charges you 99p as a quarterly fee and 99p as a signing up fees for the card. The user can have three additional cards per account to use.
He cannot exceed the card beyond three. The user can transact their payment without charging any cost. It will not charge any cost to the user. In this, the user cannot use this card for debt purpose. So, there are no credit checks on the card. If the user wants to cancel their card, he can easily cancel the card. There is no cancellation fee will be charged to the user. Overall, we can say that the charges are very reasonable and quite simple to follow. For cashback, the user doesn’t have to remember the website but only he has to remember to pay using Pockit card.
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