Popular paintball masks that you can buy

Are you new to paintball? You might have already discovered that paintball arenas will not let you play the game if you don’t wear a paintball mask. So, apart from your gun, your feeder and clothing, the next thing you are going to need on a paintball field is the paintball mask.

Also, remember that you will need a full face paintball mask if you are less than 18 years of age. If you are over 18, a paintball mask that doesn’t cover your forehead or jawline is OK to wear. This law exists so young and inexperienced players have maximum chance of protecting their face, while older players can use experience and the added performance that half face paintball masks offer, to avoid being hit.
Now, if you want the very high-end performance oriented masks, we can straight away recommend the Dye iSeries masks. The i5 and i4 are incredibly cool paintball masks. They are also the best paintball mask anti fog models out there. The i5 costs almost $200 and the i4 costs about $120. They are excellent masks in their own rights. The i5 is super expensive because it has a fantastic design, a brilliant lens and also extreme comfort. The i5 even features a turn dial strap adjustment that is just incredibly easy and fast to use, especially when you want a quick adjustment in the middle of the game.
Other very popular masks that you can consider are the Virtue Ascend Mask, the Empire E-Flex, the JT Spectra 8 Flex Mask and some other models from Empire.
If you want something very cheap and basic, but well on protection, we recommend the Tippman Valor mask that comes with just a $30 price tag.
Good mid-range masks are the VForce Profiler, the Sly Profit LE mask and the Valken Annex masks. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. Pick a mask whose weaknesses relates to an issue that doesn’t bother you much. For example, if a mask is a great mask but doesn’t protect your ears and you don’t really care about it, that is the mask you should pick if you think it will let you win.