Convert your old HTML Website to WordPress

Convert your old HTML Website to WordPress

If you have got an old website written in plain HTML, you will notice that many other websites, including some of your competitors, look much more advanced and modern, resembling websites of some much larger organizations. Their “secret” is nothing complicated or expensive. The “fresh” look of most small business websites today are the result of a particular content management system: WordPress.

Your Website Really looks old

When you launched your website ten years ago, you no doubt looked at it with pride and a sense of accomplishment. However, advancement of website design is much faster than advancement of design in other areas. A ten year old website is like a 20 year old car. Luckily, content management systems like WordPress make redesigning the whole thing very cheap, in fact a WordPress conversion will cost you much less than getting a new website from scratch back in 2005.

Dynamics is what makes it Modern

Most websites developed with WordPress sport some excellent features such as dynamic page loading, plugins such as sliders or panoramic views of your premises or products, high resolution photos and more. Images that you have on aWordPress website will look way better than the ones on your old website. Finally, you will be able to use a much broader variety of fonts, colors and icons which will make your site unique, even if you use commonly used themes.

WordPress websites improve communication with clients

Among many useful plugins you find with your theme or add to your existing one, there are many which are used to improve your online communication with clients. Social network plugins, comment plugins, guestbook, even live chat. You will be able to receive the notifications on each comment or message on your email, or whatever inbox you choose, and will be able to respond immediately. Your customers will like it.

It can look good on any screen

Most WordPress themes of today feature responsive design. Whenever someone visits your website, the responsive WordPress theme will quickly detect the device and screen properties and adjust the website to appear optimally on that particular device. People will be able to get the desired information about your website anywhere using a desktop, tablet, smartphone or any other Web enabled screen.

WordPress websites are all you need to start selling online

Some themes and plugins are developed for selling things online. You can upload images of all goods you offer, item description, features, the price and additional options such as colors or delivery features. Ecommerce WordPress plugins can be connected with highly secure payment gateways like PayPal.

Looks Complicated? It’s easier than it looks

WordPress is developed to give non-IT professionals a chance to develop their own websites without much hassle. However, there are still many concerns and questions from average small business owners. How to manage the host server, how to upload content, how to find words strong enough for landing pages, how to add plugins… A good online marketing agency will take care of all aspects and convert your old HTML website into a powerful and cutting edge WordPress site. It can come as a turnkey solution which will include not just development of the website and graphics, but also the content which will add strong marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) features.

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