Showcasing New Launches of Properties

With the new civilization flourishing in real estate development, finding for the perfect suite might not be as easy as it sounds, one needs to through a lot of tedious work such as finding for a property developer, then contact them back and forth to know the latest updates. One might even go through a property agent, however the fees for which they charge their services are sometimes costly. Henceforth, a website is built just for the exact purpose of finding then showcasing the new launches of properties here in Singapore. The property showcased are all fully equipped with state of the art top notch quality residential amenities and services, accompanied by the best price one can be offered to.

Take for example GEM Residences, a luxurious yet agronomical property. Located at This PayohLor 6/4, the new property is certainly “the cool new kid in town” . With a myriad of ancillary/ communal facilities around the area, the new property is certainly fit for any kind of residents from the casual urban outgoing family, to the more minimalistic and conservative residents, whereby the only limit to your comfort is your imagination. The property has a 99 yet leasehold of tenure with the effect from 21 September 2015. Comprised of 578 units for sale, this property is the perfect example of a new horizon.

Another new launch property that might interest buyers is NorthwaveEC, the unique condo type of property is located at Woodlands Avenue 12. Move seamlessly with the two years of free shuttle bus service from the development to the Woodlands Central, providing the best communal transit. The property consists of various facilities, amenities and services front he wet Wadding Pool, to the Wild Open Deck, to even the wellness centre of an Aroma Corridor. The clean and futuristic condominium will get people to comeback after their first consultant or show room.