Advantages of having a chatbot platform

A chatbot also known as talk bot, chatterbot, and many other names is basically a computer program which conducts conversations online via audio clips and texts. It is designed to simulate how a human would behave in the given situation. Chatbots can be used with almost all popular apps, they can understand text and audio texts and interpret their meanings and then they look for relevant information to respond. There are basically two types of chatbots: command based chatbots and AI based chatbots. Command based chatbots can answer only limited questions but AI based chatbots can answer any ambiguous question, you don’t have to be specific in questioning AI based chatbots.

There are many tasks which can be done by chatbots more efficiently and quickly rather than human beings. Business can use chatbots to automate tasks such as inventory ordering and management. The chatbot named DoNotPay is helping refugees claim asylum, there are many chatbots like U-Report, Gyant, Yeshi which are working towards bringing a change in society. There are many apps which are starting their chatbots, one such website is Amico’sBot-Builder which is a very convenient tool for that allows us to create nodes very easily so as to respond to a user’s action. Their feature of simple drag and drop interface allows anyone to create a powerful facebook messenger bot without writing any code. Chatbot technology is the next big thing in customer services and e-commerce industry. Chatbots are more efficient than human beings because while human beings can handle 2-3 conversations at a time, chatbots can operate without an upper limit. If your product lines are aimed at Millennial then introducing chatbots in your customer service would be prudent.