Consider these factors to get the best jogger stroller 2017

Jogger strollers are great equipment for both children and parents. Parents can exercise comfortably with their baby- it will be great fun for both. They come in great variety of colors and styles, so finding the best jogger stroller 2017 will need some consideration. They are sturdier than traditional strollers. Only durability and comfort is not the only parameter; there are many others too. One needs to consider all such factors, and we are going to tell you about all of them.

Factors to consider-
• Wheels- regular strollers have four wheels, but jogger has only three wheels. They are large, and their size varies between 12-24 inches. The one which has significant size is to make the movement easy on the rough and hard surfaces. The front wheels play major role and they are similar to the bike wheels. There are two types of front wheels-fixed and swivel wheel. Fixed wheel is meant for those who do more serious exercise while swivel wheels are for normal and straightforward relaxing job.
• Tires- the width and thread of tire must be considered while purchasing the best-rated jogger stroller 2017. They also have two forms- smooth and bumpy. The bumpy texture is for movement on the slipper or rough ground; they offer tight gripping. Smooth tires allow the easy movement in crowded areas. Wide tires go with no problems on tough terrain. Jogger strollers with thin tires are best for hard and flat surfaces.

• Spokes and rims- they support the weight and maintain the round shape of the jogger stroller. Metal and plastic rims are the two commonly available rims. Metal spokes are not fancy but provide the smooth ride to the baby. Stainless steel spokes are the best as they are resistant even in wet condition. Plastic rims are lighter and look prettier. But they are not durable and more prone to fading. They are good for leisurely jogging.
Consider the above factors and see the jogging stroller reviews before purchasing them.