Tips to help you stay sober for October

There are very many people willing to take up the stop drinking october challenge. This is however not a road for the fainthearted. You need support and the will to move forward. Involve people who care about you. They are most likely to cheer you to the very end. Most people start but fall in the middle because they lack someone to walk with them. A good support system acts as a motivating factor in your sober for October quest. Ensure that you have a positive attitude to move forward. Tips to help you stay sober include,

• take baby steps towards sobriety
• do not keep any alcohol at home
• do not skip any meals
• consume a balanced diet

They say that a journey starts with one mile. Take a step at a time to meet your targets. You can begin by reducing one bottle or glass. This is a step in the right direction. You can reduce your drinks to half every time you go out. Before you know it, you are well on your stay sober for October journey. Do not keep any alcohol at home, as it is likely to derail the process. In case your drinking friends come over, you can offer them alternative drinks. Ensure that your steer away from any alcohol.

Focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Taking on the go sober for October campaign allows you to stay healthy. It is important that you take all your meals. Do not miss any meal. Take your time and shop for vegetables and proteins. Ensure that you consume a balanced diet. This will ensure that your body is strong and healthy. This prepares you for another day free of any alcohol. A continuous healthy routine will have you think less of alcohol. Your attention shifts towards living a health-conscious lifestyle.