The Easy Way to Promote your Local Business Online

The Easy Way to Promote your Local Business Online

The world of internet marketing is beginning to understand the importance of local businesses when it comes to advertising and SEO. Your local business now has a huge opportunity to market itself easily and cheaply.

As more and more local businesses, whether they operate online or not, getting online and more users express an interest in local services, it is becoming easier for local businesses to promote themselves. Recent developments in the advertising space allow you to carry out effective and targeted marketing.

Register with Search Engine Business Directories

Google, Yahoo and Bing allow you or register your business on their business directories. Let’s say that you run a chiropractor’s surgery in Coral Springs, Florida. When somebody searches for a chiropractor in your town, your business will appear. It really pays dividends to register your business with these sites so there is no excuse for missing out on this exposure. It is an easy way to promote your small local business online.

Promote your Local Business with Keywords for SEO

Think about how many similar businesses to yours operate in your town. If you’re a small local business, the chances are you do not have many competitors – you may even be the only one of your kind, depending on the size of your town. This is a golden opportunity to appear on the first page of Google search results for searches related to your business. You might even claim the first result – all you have to do is have enough content on your website that refers to your particular service in your particular town. This is a simple way to promote your local business online.

Your Location is a Massive Tool to Promote your Local Business

Think about what keywords people type into Google when looking for business like yours. Using the Chiropractor example, “Chiropractor in Coral Springs” and similar phrases with sufficient density is likely to have you featured on the first page because there are only so many chiropractors in Coral Springs. The huge advantage you have as local business is that you do not have to compete with online only sites when it comes to search results – take advantage of this.

Index your website links with Google

A little secret to using SEO to promote your local business is make sure your website URL and all other links are submitted to Google for indexing via the Google console. This essentially informs Google that you would like them to feature your site in their results. It doesn’t mean they won’t do it anyway in time – but this can make the process a lot quicker and more effective. You can also do this with Bing and Yahoo.

Market your Local Business via Localized Advertising

Geographcially targeted advertising campaigns are powerful ways to reach your core audience. Bing says that,” Sixty-seven percent of smartphone users and 72 percent of PC/tablet users want ads customized to their location such as city or zip code” That’s right, internet users actually want to see ads from businesses in their local area. Unlike generic ads, they want to access local brick and mortar services. Bing offers local advertising with Location Targeting whilst Facebook Ads offer Local Awareness Ads. Google also offer localized targeting with their AdWords. You can tweak your campaign to hone in on particular zip codes or a certain radius, meaning that your advertising budget is spent only on an audience that is likely to return a profit. The last thing you want to do is to spend money advertising your local business in Coral Springs, Florida across the whole country.

These are a few steps designed to get you started with a foundation to promote your local business. Give it a try – it might just do wonders for your bottom line. If you want industry leading marketing professionals to kick start the marketing and promotion for your local business, contact First Republic Marketing today. Let us take your small business to new levels of success – we are waiting for your call!

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