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The hat is a garment whose date is older; however, it is a garment so versatile that it has managed to maintain itself in time despite the changing world of fashion. The hat was born initially as an accessory to cover the head of the inclemency of the weather either to protect it from an opposition to the sun’s rays or to protect it from the cold or as an indicator of social status, the latter especially in previous times, but fundamentally It has been used to add a special touch to its own style, which is why it has always been considered as one of the fashion accessories par excellence, because the hat is an accessory that never goes out of style due to its great versatility and ability to adapt to each taste and each of the occasions of our lives, this is how we can find, elegant to be used on special occasions and etiquette, however, this post is we will dedicate to the Custom Bucket Hats and the Custom Boonie Hats.

The bucket hat is a hat made of cotton fabric almost always and has a hanging edge that falls in front of the face and was specially designed to protect from the sun and commonly used as fishing gear or as an essential accessory for a day of the beach

On the other hand, Boonnie hat is a hat made of cloth that is composed of a wide wing to protect from the sun and was used more commonly as military clothing in some countries today is used to go on safari or hiking.

The main characteristic of these 2 types of the hat is that they have an informal cut.
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