Use dirty pick up lines if you don’t want to struggle

Dirty pick up lines are kind of a conversation starter with the intent of engaging with a familiar as well as the unfamiliar person for romance or dating. Your wit will be tested which will ultimately end in a good fashion or it can be a bad situation! So don’t be afraid if you are struggling with approaching a woman, be smart and play smarter!

Problems and solutions
The main problem when you use dirty pick lines is that you can insult a woman unknowingly which makes thing worse and this is one of the two main problems. So what is the solution? Should you not use pick line? Be brave and apply logic and common sense because these two are the keys to throw a good pick up line.
So how should you use dirty pick up lines? The secret is that you should always approach a woman with a cool and calm way. Don’t be needy or desperate because it doesn’t work that way. You should establish credibility and always be sincere. Make the atmosphere around the person proper and then only start using dirty pick up the line since they do have a time and place to be effective.
Many of you are shy and scared to death when you try to approach a woman. So you should man up if you don’t want live a single life! Yeah, buddy! Call the fire brigade, because you will be hosing them down. Play your cards right and you will hit the jackpot. With the new form of media and technologies dirty pick up lines are evolving so why shouldn’t you advance?

Some dirty pick up lines for you
1. Are you tired? You can sit on my face anytime!
2. What do you like for breakfast?
3. Spend a night with me if I am wrong, but dinosaurs still exist right?