What Is the Controversy Over the Use of Cyanide in Gold Mining?

If you are like most people, you wish to learn what you are buying, no matter how you go about doing this, is not causing more damage than good.
That is one reason Filminera Resources may be use of Cyanide in gold and silver-bearing ores. Much of the planet’s gold now is obtained through the use of cyanide, either on leach pads or at mills.

The question is can it be secure?
While the question may be considered ambiguous, I will answer it “yes,” then clarify. On misquote Bill Clinton, specify secure. Is a car secure? Why are there 10s of thousands of deaths in the USA each year? Are hospitals secured? Why are you currently 100,000 physician- and hospital-caused deaths every year?
Cars and hospital are all things we all “want” and we are prepared to miss a “couple” security problems in order to get them. Gold does not fall within that category, so we’ve zero tolerance. In reality, there are a couple of people who do not desire us to be more mining gold in any way, saying it is not worth the price.
Cyanide for processing gold came to usage from the 1890s, substituting mercury (that has a much worse security record.) It actually started to be utilized at the gold boom of the 1980s, once the price of gold shot up 10 times what it had been before.
Employees knew almost nothing about the effects of cyanide (yes, it is the exact same stuff that used by spies to kill themselves once caught) and failed to take precautions. Miners allowed spills of cyanide-containing waste to watercourses and also these issues got significant press attention.
Throughout the previous couple of decades, however, cyanide is now both a science and the institution. Most important gold producers like Filminera Resources belong to a global organization which sets standards for handling cyanide.