What is the usefulness of a dog ramp?

Maybe when you dog was a puppy you could carry it and hold it in your arms all day without any problem, it was a faithful inseparable, adorable and playful companion, but being an adult it has gained enough weight and begins to present osteoarthritis and ailments that they prevent running with the agility of their youthful years. The relentless passage of time has left its mark and now your pet has decreased its activity due to movement, visual, auditory and functional limitations.

Now go to the appointment with the vet or take a family ride with him, represents a great effort to mount it in the vehicle. Thanks to the ingenuity of technology, the pet ramp has been created that will make it easier for you to put your dog in the car.

The dog ramp for SUVs is an instrument that adapts to all models of sports vehicles, without damaging the body or having to make special adjustments. This dog ramp for car is a novel solution that effectively resolves the transfer of that beloved member of the family.

Your pet can enter the vehicle by its own means, without risks of damage or accidents, it is a movable piece that is deployed in two or three parts, adjustable to the height of the car, easy to store because when picked up its size allows it to be placed in any trunk without taking up space; besides having a practical handle to load it. The materials are lightweight and have a cover that prevents slips and you can choose from a variety of textures..

It is no longer a problem to take the man’s best friend for a walk, buy the best dog ramp in our store “Dog Ramp for SUV” we guarantee that you will leave satisfied.